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Painting Substrates

Also available in small quantities.

Excellent painting results require high quality substrates.
In our field of precision coatings we therefore use carefully selected substrates that have been adapted and constantly improved to the high, company-own quality standards over the years.
Benefit from our knowledge and let us convince you.
We offer substrates made of plastic, aluminum, steel sheets and test cards
We are always at your disposal with competence and experience.

Your sales contact:

Anja Dridi
Tel.: +49 (0) 711 839974-18

Your technical contact:
Patrick Thierry
Tel.: +49 (0) 711 839974-20

Substrate: Plastics

Bayblend/Magnum/Pulse/Lauran/Durethan/Hifax/Xenoy and more.

Dimension: 150 x 95  x 2.5 mm
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Substrate: Aluminium 

Coated on both sides.

2 types: Anthrazit/Midgrey  –  Alpinwhite/Titangrey

Dimension: on request

Maximum size: 120 x 90 cm; thickness: 1 mm

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Substrates: Steel Sheets

Coated and uncoated

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Test Cards

Spraymonitor and test cards

KTL-Coated Steel Sheets FE-662

Original automotive build:

Zinc coating (approx. 7.5 µm).
Phosphated (approx. 1-3 µm).
KTL (approx. 20 µm).
Dimensions max. 200 x 500 mm, with holes.

Price: 12 € / pc.

Completely coated build up possible (zinc coated/phosphated/KTL/primer/BC/CC).
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