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5,299.00 €

Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester with 4 lanes



This modern wet abrasion scrub tester (washability tester) with 4 lanes, is designed to provide an accelerated and controlled method of determining abrasive wear resistance on coating /material surfaces.

The wet abrasion scrub tester is equipped with 2 engines thus 2×2 lanes can be set completely individually. In total, the device has four parallel lanes to test different specimens at a time or as a simultaneous determination.


Coatings or test components up to 20 mm thickness can be clamped on the machine.

On the display, the run-time (scrub cycles per minute), the number of total cycles and the flow rate can be individually adjusted for 2×2 lanes


The wet abrasion scrub tester is designed with 2×2 pipes (in and out-pipes) for the wet usage.

The in-pipe just has to be put into the test liquid. Once you switch on the pump the test liquid will be dropped from the 2×2 moving brushs supports onto the specimens. Because of the friction of the brushes the test liquid will be spread uniformly.

The test liquid flows through the out-pipe and can be disposed of directly. For special requirements the drain can be closed and the machine can be used in a flooded state.


Two brush sets of your choice is included with the device. Other brush sets can be ordered separately.

The following brush sets are available: DIN 53778, ISO 11998,  ASTM D2486 or ASTM D3450.


Item number: PG-2806


Technical specifications:

-Device with 2 motors, to adjust 2×2 lanes individually:

-Speed [cycles/min]: adjustable from 1 – 65

-Running time in [cycles]: adjustable from 1 – 9999 (a cycle consists of forward and backward)

-Flow rate [ml/min]: adjustable from 0 – 240

-Dimensions: 680 x 510 x 240 mm (LxWxH)

-Maximum height of the test pieces: 20 mm


Standards: ISO 11998, DIN EN 53778, ASTM D2486, D3450, D4213, D4828, GB/T9780-2013, GB/T9756


Including manufacturer’s test certificate and 1 year warranty

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