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SpectraLight QC


Best Quality Daylight in a Premium Light Booth

Lighting plays a critical role in accurate color evaluation. The top-of-the-line SpectraLight QC is the ideal light booth to visually assess larger samples and evaluate special effects under all relevant lighting conditions. When used to evaluate color during design, specification, pre-production, production and quality assurance, the SpectraLight QC can reduce waste due to rejects and rework, shorten time to market, and improve overall product quality.


7 Versatile Light Source Options

The SpectraLight QC offers seven light sources, more than any other light booth or luminaire on the market. This includes the best quality daylight available, filtered tungsten halogen (D50 or D65), Cool White Fluorescent, Incandescent “A” & 2300K/Horizon, UVA, two more fluorescent types (choice of U30, U35, TL83, and TL84), and choice of 2 LED light sources (L940 or L950).  The SpectraLight QC also offers instant power-up and an indicator light to ensure operators of optimum stability.


Ensure Comprehensive Visual Assessment

The SpectraLight QC can help build standard operating procedures across the supply chain with settings for every program, custom profiles based on brand owner requirements for light source, illumination, and other parameters, and unprecidented reporting and traceability. SpectraLight QC enables checkpoints for approvals across the supply chain, from the vendor and the sourcing office all the way up to product design and corporate quality control. When used as a holistic solution, the SpectraLight QC reduces human error, standardizes conditions for visual assessment, and saves time and money.


Standards Compliance

The  gold standard, complying with ISO: 3664, 3668, 13076, 23603, AATCC: EP9, ASTM: D1729, SAE: J361, DIN: 6173, CIE: S012/E, 51.2,and BSI: BS 950 Pt.2.


Built-In Sensors and Calibration

Built-in sensors monitor and correct UV output and maintain inter-instrument agreement and a counter shows total hours each light source has been used.


Standard Size Viewing Area

The SpectraLight QC offers a standard size internal viewing area that measures D23 x H23 x W35 in. (D58 x H58 x W90 cm.)


Item number: PG-6027


Including 2 years warranty


SpectraLight QC


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