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498,00 €

Hardness Testing Pencil



This pocket instrument allows hardness tests on flat and curved surfaces. The instrument consists of a sleeve with a pressure spring that can be bent to various tensions by using a slide.
The spring acts on a tungsten carbide needle with its tip extending out of the sleeve. A locking screw fixes the slide, thus maintaining constant spring tension.
Three pressure springs of varying strengths ranging from 0-20 N (0-2000 g) are available to cover a large hardness range.


Technical Specifications:

-Can be used for flat or curved surfaces

-Testinghead: 0.75 mm (Bosch) or 1.0 mm (ISO 1518)

-Length: 160 mm

-Diameter: 16 mm

-Weight: 0.3 kg


Hard Metal Needle: 1.00 mm (ISO 1518)


Springforce: 0-20 N (adaptable by 3 pressure springs)

No. 1 blue 0 – 3 N (0 – 300 g) division: 10 g

No. 2 red 0 – 10 N (0 – 1000 g) division: 50 g

No. 3 yellow 0 – 20 N (0 – 2000 g) division: 100 g


Item number: PG-036-1


Including 1 year warranty

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