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Single Channel Grind Gauge



The grind gauge consists of a stainless steel block. On the upper side of it there are one or more wedge-shaped channels (for example from 0 – 100 μm). Approximately 0.5 g of the substance to be tested is placed at the lowest point of the channel and is then wiped with the scraper (also called steel blade) through the upward going channel. It is recommended to immediately evaluate the grain size at eye level and in suitable light conditions. As soon as the solvent in the channel evaporates false results may be interpreted.


Only the grains “standing out” of the channel are visible and can be determined by using the scale (μm and in Hegman) beside the channel. If, for example, the grain is visible in the channel from 0 to 20 μm and a smooth film is visible from 20 μm upwards, the grain size is less than 20 μm. It should be noted that normally no clear boundary, but a crossover, is observed.


Scope of application:
oatings, printing inks, pigments, paper, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, food, and many other industries


Technical Specification:
Material: stainless steel


Item number: PG-021-200
Effective Groove Size (L × W) (mm): 140 x 12.5
Measurement Range (μm): 0-200
Dimension (mm): 175 x 65 x 13
Division Value: 20
Unit: µm
Number of Channels: 1


Scope of Delivery: Grind Gauge and Scraper


Including manufacturer’s test certificate and 1 year warranty

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