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Technical Equipment

Precise and customized.

The subtleties make the difference: Only high-precision standards can be used to assess application results in an appropriate and professional manner. Thierry offers its customers the right tools for this purpose across all industries.

Technical Equipment

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Customer Service

Patrick Thierry

Tel.: +49 (0) 711 839974-20



Paint / Technology

Christian Wiemers

Tel.: +49 (0) 711 839974-17


Paint shop Thierry

Our fully automatic and closed paint shop is designed to paint a range of color samples in any quantity and to achieve consistent results in the best repeatability and quality.


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Technical equipment

The spraying takes place in an individually developed, closed system with the most accurate control of temperature, dwell time and humidity. In a computer-controlled process, solvent and water-based paints can be applied pneumatically or with the rotary atomizers with electrostatic technology to accurate layer thicknesses of +/- 1 μm.

Pneumatic and electrostatic application

Different application techniques lead to different painting results with the same paint material. Thierry offers electrostatic painting for our customers, using a high rotation bell, as well as pneumatic painting.

Precision painting: Flawless quality.

The highest quality requirements for surface finish, quality and precision are our standard. That’s the reason we even use our high-precision equipment when painting small, demanding batches or for the production of special models for our customers in all industries. Please feel free to contact us. We paint a variety of materials in various sizes, flawlessly.

Paints that Thierry processes

Akzo Nobel
Bollig & Kemper

Condor Coating
Ernst Diegel


Nippon Paint

Colorimetry Thierry

Every single sample is automatically measured, evaluated and labeled.

The measurements are made automatically by two individual measuring robots.

Thierry measures with spectrophotometers of

  • BYK-Gardner
  • Konica Minolta
  • X-Rite

Light booth Thierry

Depending on the OEM specification, the visual evaluation is done in the appropriate light booth or in the Willing light room with the corresponding lighting mode, angle and background.

Master sample management  Thierry

Many renowned OEMs entrust Thierry with their complete master samples and benefit from many benefits such as lower sample pricing, digitalization of all new samples (TAC7), warehousing and inventory, quality control, packaging, labeling, automated inventory management, customized webshop, order fulfillment, shipping and customer service worldwide.


Thierry manages both exterior and interior master samples such as paint, plastic, leather, PVC, microfiber, chrome, decor, aluminum brush, wood, rubber, flock, thread, piping, fabric, carpet and much more.

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